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Professional Photographer and Videomaker in the Ottawa Area

My services

I have two ways of appreciating an image, the emotions or the purely aesthetic side of the image, (or both.)




Emotions :

For the emotions it is pictures that will give me joy, sadness, memories, contemplation, make me think... This is what I am looking for during my photo reportage of weddings, events etc...


Aesthetic :

For aesthetic photos I will focus on the photography technique, the placement of lights, details, quality of colors... I think that the aesthetics of the image has an important part in the success of a photo. 

You can see my pictures here. 

Do you want a video that reflect you and highlights you or your product?


Emotional video :

For an event or a wedding, my goal will be to capture the emotions and the strong moments.

To realize a memory that will give you a maximum of emotions. 

Scripted video :

For products videos or to carry out a music video we will prepare as well as possible the shooting with the best possible conditions and to carry out a video of quality which resembles you and which transmits your message.  

You can see my videos here.

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Who is Nicolas ?

I am a professional photographer and videomaker, passionate about music and many other things like : cinema, philosophy, environmentalism ect.

I like images that have meaning and strong emotions and also purely aesthetic images. 

The photo shoots with me are always relaxed and in a good mood, I find it very important to have the best result. 

Contact me to discuss your project and rates.

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