Outdoor Portrait


I am always very patient and attentive to your needs and desires for you to have the best photo.
If you have theme or location ideas, I'll always do my best to give you the outcome you want.
My priority is for you to be happy with the results.


What if you don't feel photogenic? 

We often think that we don't look good in pictures because the picture is not taken at the right time and wasn't prepared well. If there are things about yourself that you like less, it is up to me to bring other things forward to make you feel at your best.

To make beautiful pictures you have to be prepared and know what you want.
Next we will proceed to the interrogation room, but I promise you won't be found guilty :
Where do you want to take your pictures?
What atmosphere do you like?
How do you want to be dressed? Etc...

All of these questions have as a goal to leave you satisfied with the result.

So what are you waiting for?!

How does a Portrait Photoshoot take place ?
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