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Outdoor Portrait

Landscape portrait

Landscape portrait with Victor Noël close to Ottawa River at Aylmer
Landscape picture with the parlement hill of Ottawa and Murielle in front of
Michael Naja in Paris with "Notre Dame" behind him

If you want to be photographed in a beautiful landscape, with a whoaou effect. 

Antoine Prognon front of "Notre-Dame" in Paris, France. Smoke a cigarette

Close up 

Beatrice close up in Paris City street
Sunset behind Magalie and her beautiful face
Mary jane in Ottawa City street with her beautiful eyes
Beatrice half face close up at "Experimental farm Ottawa"

 Full length pictures

Murielle with sunglasses at the "Natural history museum" of Canada at Gatineau. with a Yellow dress and beautiful legs
Beatrice in Paris City street with beautiful boots
Rebecca at Hull with a work suit and attitude

How does a Portrait Photoshoot take place ?

I am always very patient and attentive to your needs and desires for you to have the best photo.
If you have theme or location ideas, I'll always do my best to give you the outcome you want.
My priority is for you to be happy with the results.