Your wedding story

Congratulations for this commitment!! Well done!!
It is an incredible moment in your life and very rich in emotions.
You will be in the center of attention, with a lot of peoples and everything going very quickly.
But I will be there to help you.


Wedding Rings picture with flower for the most important day of their lives
Wedding Flower bouquet on a table White and blue

Soon married

The whole family will be there and that's why I take a lot of pictures of the guests. 

because they are people you don't see very often and it's the perfect opportunity to have pictures with them. 

I also want to be everywhere to take all the best moments without getting in your way, this is your moment, 

it is very important and I want you to fully enjoy it. 

This is your moment above all

Emotions before anything else

I take the actions and all the moments of life from the best possible angle. 
I try to interfere as little as possible to keep everything natural. 
Except of course for the family pictures

where I will help you to place yourself in the right place and have the best rendering.

I prefer photos taken on the spot (lifestyle) rather than group photos, 
but I know it's very important to have these group photos with the whole family together.  

I love to take pictures of all the little details, the looks, the smiles, life...

I want you to be able to see these pictures again and remember every moment. 

The most beautiful memories 

For me the photo album is very important, that's why it is included in all my wedding services. 
It's very beautiful moments to spend with the family, to relive this moment by looking at the photos, 
from year to year, from generation to generation... 

sharing weddiing pictures with family
wedding pictures album with family and a cup of tea
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