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It's not just pictures, it's a story... Your Story 

Soon married

Congratulations for this commitment!! Well done!!
It is an incredible moment in your life and very rich in emotions.
You will be in the center of attention and everything going very quickly. I will be there to make you de-stress.
The whole family will be present and that is why I take a lot of photos of the guests because they are rare to see each over that and we do not see often. This is the opportunity to have photos with them.
I prefer to take pictures on the spot (lifestyle) than group photos, but I know that it is very important to have these group photos with the whole family together.
I really like to take pictures of all the little touches, looks, smiles, dancing, life...

Contact me to tell me about how your wedding is going to go, what are your expectations.
If you want to do a photo session (engagement) before or a "day after" photo session (after the wedding) with the same outfit as for the wedding.
I can also do "Trash the dress" sessions where we can have a little fun dirtying the dress, jumping in the lake or rolling in the mud ^^.
We can also think of staging photos, either during the wedding or for the sessions before or after the wedding.
There are lots of things we can do.

Send me a message, if you have some questions or events ideas.. Don't be shy
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