Wedding Video

Congratulation !

If you're here, you'll soon be married... Congratulations to both of you.
This is an important moment in your life that you would like to relive many times and share with your children or family. 


First of all welcome to Nicolas Chevallier Photography, I am happy to show you my work. 

For a wedding it is important that we are in agreement with the same expectations of result and style. 
My wedding videos are close to the people and their reactions and will touch you emotionally by making you relive the best moments of this day. 
I have the ability to fade into the background and go unnoticed to capture very natural moments and actions. 
I prefer real, instant and emotional moments, that's what I want to show in my videos. 

I love making dynamic videos that are punctuated by music. 
I've been making music (bass player) for 15 years and for me it's something important in a video. 
I like to know the music used for the video in advance, it helps me to make artistic decisions on the day. 

I really like to do interviews with guests and family, it's always great memories.



If you wish to have pictures of couples or family you can also have a look at my portrait photos.