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More stuff about me.

So... Who is Nicolas

I come from Paris (France) and now I live in Ottawa (Ontario).
Canada is a beautiful country, with amazing people.
I also play bass guitar and double bass but that's not the point ^^ (we can talk about that another time ^ ^)
When I came to Canada I was impressed by the beautiful landscapes and I started to take pictures every day.


I'm specialised in Portraits. I like soft light and powerful looks.
I'm very inspired by cinema

I like being closer to a cinematic rendering with special points of view. I catch pictures that tell a story and find emotions

During photoshoots I'm very patient, professional, relaxed and extremely motivated to make beautiful images.

My photos are rather colorful, dynamic and very contrasted.

The most important thing is for you to have a good time.

Welcome to my world.




Nicolas Chevallier Photography in the studio
Eiffel Tower Paris Sunset 2019 after raining
Selfie Nicolas Chevallier Photography
Behind the scene of a Music Video with La Marikita
BTS Behind the scene of a music video
Behind the scene of a photoshoot
Behind the scene of a music video

My studio is located in Ottawa, Ontario.

I have a space with adjustable background colors and sizes. 
I work with many makeup artists and I can offer you services in photo and video studio.

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