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More stuff about me.

So... Who is Nicolas

Originally from Paris, France, I now live in Ottawa, Ontario. 

Canada, with its stunning landscapes and wonderful people, has captured my heart. Beyond my love for photography, I also find joy in playing the bass guitar and upright bass, but that's a tale for another time.

Upon my arrival in Canada, I was immediately entranced by its breathtaking scenery, sparking my daily photographic adventures.

Specializing in portraiture, I gravitate towards soft lighting and capturing emotive expressions. My photography endeavors to tell stories and evoke feelings.

During shoots, I approach my craft with patience, professionalism, and a relaxed demeanor. My ultimate drive is to produce captivating imagery that speaks to you.

Anticipate vibrant, dynamic photos with striking contrasts, each frame imbued with its own uniqueness.

Above all, I aim to ensure your experience in my realm of photography is enjoyable and memorable. Welcome, and let's embark on this creative journey together!




Nicolas Chevallier Photography in the studio
Eiffel Tower Paris Sunset 2019 after raining
Behind the scene of a Music Video with La Marikita
BTS Behind the scene of a music video
Behind the scene of a photoshoot
Behind the scene of a music video

My studio is located in Ottawa, Ontario.

I have a space with adjustable background colors and sizes. 
I work with many makeup artists and I can offer you services in photo and video studio.

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