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Music photographer and videomaker in Ottawa area

Music Video 

Are you seeking a music video that reflects your style?
Let's collaborate and bring your vision to life.

Whether you're here for the love of music or to promote your own project, perhaps a musical endeavor you're eager to share, you've come to the right place.

In today's world, an artist's image and content hold significant weight. It's crucial for artists to collaborate with creative professionals who are dedicated to showcasing the seriousness of their projects.

At Nicolas Chevallier Photography, we're committed to producing a music video that authentically represents you and encapsulates your unique musical universe.

Could you share some details about your project?

Whether it's for video covers, live broadcasts on Facebook, music videos airing on TV or the internet, I always strive to deliver the highest quality while maintaining the authenticity of your message.

With 15 years of experience as a bassist and upright bass player in various bands, I understand the importance of aligning our image with our artistic message.

Dynamic videos synchronized with the music's rhythm are essential for me, ensuring that both elements work seamlessly together.

The music and its mood serve as the guiding principle for crafting the video.

If you and your band require photos for your album cover, social media, interviews, and more, feel free to explore my portfolio of portraits.

I really love dynamic compositions and cinematographics.
I want to transport the viewer to differents points of view and to feel in the vibe with the artist.

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