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Music Video 

Looking to get a music video that looks like you?
Let's do it together.

If you're here because you enjoy music or for your project too. Maybe you have a musical project that you would like to promote and share. 
In our world the image of an artist is very important and is his content too. 
The artist has to surround himself and work with creative people who work seriously to show that his project is serious.

Nicolas Chevallier Photography is engaged to creating a video clip that will look like you and that will be representative of your musical universe. 

Tell me about your project

Whether it is for video covers, live on Facebook, for video clips broadcast on TV or on the internet... I will always do my best to bring out the best possible quality and keep the authenticity of your message. 

I've been a bassist and double bass player for 15 years in different bands and I understand how important it is to have an image that is in line with our artistic message. 

It also helps me to have dynamic videos that stick to the rhythm of the music and work together.

The music and the mood of the music is the common thread for the creation of the video. 

If you and your band want photos for your album cover or for your social networks or interviews etc... You can have a look at my portraits. 

I really love dynamic compositions and cinematographics.
I want to transport the viewer to differents points of view and to feel in the vibe with the artist.

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