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Studio Packshot

Bracelet round-4.jpg
Yoga towel in packshot for e-commerce like Shopify, mazon, Ebay..

Show your products with the best light to give the maximum amont of information to your customer.

I'm gonna do my best for your product, I am very meticulous and attentive to details.

When you shoping online it's very impotant to have a beautifull photo packshot like for Amazon, Ebay, or your web site... It's the first start for your success. 

Creative product shot

Pierre Lanier Watch with blue light
Celtics Boston cap with green light and NBA logo black and green
Procuts Picture for cocktail dress
Red lip stick with red flowers product picture

With creative pictures, you can tell a story, create a mood around your product. 

Products Video

Sublimate your product so that it looks amazing and makes people want it. 

If you are here because you are interested in promoting your product or giving it the image it deserves. 

After you have designed and created your product and you have spent so much time and work to get the final product, it has to be represented to the public from its best angle and be sublimated. 


The video gives a very precise idea of the use of the product as well as emotions and moods that cannot be transmitted so easily with a text or a photo.

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