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Studio Portrait

Classic Studio Portrait 

Mini Finish  (1 sur 1).jpg
Daphnee Classic Studio photo with soft light
Darren Smile at the camera in Nicolas Chevallier Photography Studio at Gatineau

Classic Studio portraits are rather simple, with easy poses and soft lights. The intention is to have a natural and flattering rendering.  

Darren with red and blue light split on his face
Mylee Paint on the frame by the makeup artist

Creative portraits are thought out and organized together, we start from an idea and develop it together to get the best rendering. 

we can then know if we need a make-up artist, hairdresser, stylist..

The artist exposed his paint with the woman frame
Stormee Studio Picture with blue and pink Neon in Background at Nicolas Chevallier Photography Studio
Stormee with a Aluminium background blue and pink light

Creative Studio Portrait

Stormee feather shot at Nicolas Chevallier Photography Studio
Self portrait Low key with rim light at Nicolas Chevallier Photography Studio in Gatineau, Canada

Band and Artist portrait