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How to realize a very nice cake video?

Updated: Jan 22

Today I will show you how I realized that cake video :

Video of a strawberry cake, on a red background to remind the color of strawberries.

I tried to have a dynamic rendering with some camera movements not too fast.

Something simple and efficient.

How I thought about the set:

To highlight the cake I created a support, it allowed me to bring volume and a decor to the video.

So I used shaving foam to create like whipped cream balls, shaving foam keeps a nice shape and doesn't melt with the heat of the lights.

I dressed up this mousse with chocolate chips and then added food coloring to give a chocolate look.

Then I edited the video with B roll in which I cut strawberries and I also filmed whipped cream (the real one)

I then made an edit on the music to get this result.

Simple and effective.


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