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My first publication in a photo magazine!

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

How did it happen? The little story

It started when I contacted Mylee @raeof_light on Instagram. The pictures she had and her attitude on her instagram portfolio was very creative and inspiring, It was different from the usual models. I thought there was something special about it. The way she positioned herself and the poses she took gave the picture's meaning.

I was also looking to work on some studio lighting techniques so it was perfect.

She told me she liked my work and would be interested in doing a shoot with Darren @drippdingold who she is taking under her wing to become a professional model.

I liked the idea but we needed to do something bigger.

Mylee's mom @nu_facesmakeup is a makeup artist and hair stylist, so it was a perfect fit.

So we agreed to do something together, I already knew her mom's work because I had been following her for a while on Instagram.

Very good work, with a very strong research.

So we decided to work as a team on a concept and to propose it to a magazine afterwards.

Photoshoot for the Surreal Magazine, Beauty of Mental Health theme

Photoshoot for The Surreal Magazine

Beauty of Mental Health photoshoot the secret

Beauty of Mental Health

These are the 4 photos above that were published in "The Surreal Magazine".

We sent 10 photos in total and 4 of them were published because the other 6 were in a similar style but that could lead to another series.

I put the other 6 pictures below.

Photoshoot couples

Frame by frame make up artist

This editorial shoot was a great experience and something I will be doing again very soon.

It's great to work as a team and have each person bring something unique to the table. It's all very rewarding.

If you are interested in this kind of project or if you liked it, don't hesitate to tell me in the comments below.

See you soon, Nicolas

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